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Tue Jun 21 10:01am ET
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

It is always a good idea to take a close look at the red-zone statistics from the previous season. Players that get more looks in the red zone can carry more fantasy value. There are always a few surprises and other takeaways with these numbers. We thought we would take a closer look, examining the top targets in the red zone for receivers and tight ends. Plus, we take a look at the quarterbacks that threw the ball most often inside the 10-yard line. Lastly, we wanted to see all the players with the most carries inside the 10-yard line. Enjoy!

Red Zone WR Targets
1. Cooper Kupp 37
2. Stefon Diggs  34
3. Davante Adams  27
4. Chris Godwin  25
5. Keenan Allen  23
Tyreek Hill
Hunter Renfrow
6. Diontae Johnson  21
7. Justin Jefferson  20
8. D.K. Metcalf  19
Mike Williams 

: It is not a surprise to see Cooper Kupp top this list. He was the top fantasy receiver last year and had a monster year. . . . .Stefon Diggs was one of two receivers to have 30-plus red-zone targets. He had a career high in touchdowns last year because of all the added looks in the red zone. . . . .One surprise on the list is Hunter Renfrow. He is not your typical red-zone receiver, but he got the looks last year. He scored nine touchdowns on all those targets and was a top-10 fantasy receiver. Can he repeat those targets with Davante Adams around? Adams was third on this list. Something has to give, right? . . . . .The Chargers had two receivers finish on the list, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. The Chargers are a team to target come draft day because of their prolific passing attack that could be even better this year. 

Red Zone TE Targets
1. Mark Andrews  20
Cameron Brate
Pat Freiermuth
2. Tyler Higbee 18
Dawson Knox
3. Hunter Henry  17
4. Tyler Conklin  16
Travis Kelce 
5. Kyle Pitts  14

: It is not a surprise to see Mark Andrews tied for first in red-zone targets at tight end. He led all of tight ends in fantasy scoring. He is setup to be the top target in the Ravens once again this year. . . . .There are some surprises on this list including Cameron Brate. He didn’t even start for the Bucs but had 20 red-zone targets. The problem is he converted all those targets to just four touchdowns. It is something to keep in mind come draft day, especially with Rob Gronkowski’s status still up in the air. . . . .Pat Freiermuth was a rookie last year but quickly emerged as a top target in the red zone. He has the ideal size to be a threat to score often. This could be a breakout year for Freiermuth, who should start from day one in year two. . . . .Kyle Pitts cracks the top 10 for red-zone targets at tight end despite scoring just once. This is a good sign for him going forward. It wasn’t for a lack of chances that he didn’t score much his rookie year. Look for those touchdown numbers to climb. 

Red Zone Pass Attempts (inside the 10)
1. Tom Brady  60
2. Josh Allen  56  
3. Matthew Stafford   54  
4. Justin Herbert   53  
5. Aaron Rodgers   51  
6.  Patrick Mahomes  50    
7. Ben Roethlisberger   40  
8. Carson Wentz  38    
Matt Ryan 
9. Kyler Murray  36    
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