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2016-06-02 12:44:36
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

Using our rules for our money leagues, we came up with a schedule strength ranking for the wide receiver position. We are using our fantasy defenses report to calculate the rankings. This report can be found in all of our leagues under the "reports" heading. We took the schedule of each team and entered the average number of fantasy points allowed to receivers last season from all of their opponents to get our fantasy points allowed number. This is a good indication of the receivers with the most favorable schedules for fantasy scoring for the coming season.

If you had any reservations about taking Antonio Brown first overall, this ranking should help ease those negative thoughts. Brown sure seems setup for great things once again. A.J. Green and Dez Bryant are two more elite receivers looking really good for the coming year because of a favorable schedule. On the flipside, Mike Evans is a player on the rise but could have some bumps along the way, facing the toughest fantasy schedule for receivers. The Saints and 49ers have question marks at receiver and this list certainly raises more concerns because of an unfavorable schedule. Take a close look at this list before draft day, getting a good idea of those receivers with the best schedule for success this season.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers		509.51
2. New Orleans Saints		525.94
3. San Francisco 49ers		528.99
4. Carolina Panthers		532.36
5. Kansas City Chiefs		536.28
6. Oakland Raiders		542.11
7. Indianapolis Colts		546.77
8. Atlanta Falcons		547.65
9. Tennessee Titans		547.78
10. Green Bay Packers		548.24
11. Los Angeles Rams		548.96
12. Arizona Cardinals		549.38
13. San Diego Chargers		550.73
14. Jacksonville Jaguars	553.84
15. Minnesota Vikings		554.47
16. Denver Broncos 		555.1
17. Detroit Lions		556.55
18. Seattle Seahawks		557.45
19. Houston Texans		559.65
20. Philadelphia Eagles		560.51
21. New England Patriots	562.77
22. Chicago Bears		570.44
23. Washington Redskins		577.64
24. Buffalo Bills		577.96
25. Miami Dolphins		579.34
26. New York Giants		582.40
27. New York Jets		589.32
28. Cleveland Browns		600.82
29. Cincinnati Bengals		601.15
30. Baltimore Ravens		604.76
31. Dallas Cowboys		604.91
32. Pittsburgh Steelers		606.3