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Tight End Strength of Schedule

2016-06-02 12:46:49
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

Using our rules for our money leagues, we came up with a schedule strength ranking for the tight end position. We are using our fantasy defenses report to calculate the rankings. This report can be found in all of our leagues under the "reports" heading. We took the schedule of each team and entered the average number of fantasy points allowed to tight ends last season from all of their opponents to get our fantasy points allowed number. This is a good indication of the tight ends with the most favorable schedules for fantasy scoring for the coming season.

Greg Olsen and Travis Kelce are two of the best tight ends in the game, and both have great schedules for the coming season. Olsen has the easiest fantasy schedule for tight ends while Kelce has the second easiest. These guys are setup for more great seasons. And Coby Fleener is an intriguing fantasy option, moving to a tight-end friendly offense while getting the fourth easiest schedule for tight ends. Ladarius Green might be the opposite of Fleener. He finally gets his chance to start but has the toughest schedule for tight ends and heads to an offense that is hit or miss with tight ends. Buyer beware.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers		184.85
2. New England Patriots		185.56
3. Cincinnati Bengals		185.97
4. New York Jets		186.28
5. Miami Dolphins		186.49
6. Buffalo Bills		189.35
7. Cleveland Browns		192.76
8. Baltimore Ravens		196.44
9. New York Giants		197.07
10. Arizona Cardinals		198.85
11. San Francisco 49ers		199.83
12. Seattle Seahawks		201.08
13. Washington Redskins		201.94
14. Jacksonville Jaguars	203.99
15. Tennessee Titans		205.94
16. Oakland Raiders		206.12
17. Philadelphia Eagles		206.33
18. Indianapolis Colts		206.53
19. Dallas Cowboys		207.14
20. Los Angeles Rams		207.99
21. Chicago Bears		208.89
22. Green Bay Packers		210.14
23. Minnesota Vikings		211.09
24. Detroit Lions		211.22
25. San Diego Chargers		211.39
26. Houston Texans		211.77
27. Denver Broncos 		212.6
28. Atlanta Falcons		213.59
29. New Orleans Saints		214.86
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers	215.28
31. Kansas City Chiefs		218.24
32. Carolina Panthers		219.26