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2016-06-01 03:12:02
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

For the most part, winning your fantasy league means taking a few chances. You can win by playing it safe but playing it safe isn't going to work most of the time. So thinking outside the box a little is a good way to put your team over the top.

One way to think outside the box is to look at some bounce-back candidates. These are guys that underperformed last year or the previous few years, but seem primed for a better season. They are important players to grab because these players carry less value come draft day. Bounce-back players can become great values for fantasy teams as the season progresses. Here are a few of our favorite bounce-back candidates for the coming season. You might want to target some of them come draft day.

Ryan Tannehill, QB, Dolphins. Most thought Tannehill would have a breakout season last year, posting his best numbers to date. That didn't happen, though, with Tannehill posting inconsistent numbers throughout the year. He wasn't a solid No. 1 fantasy quarterback by any means. He had four games without a touchdown pass. His overall numbers still weren't terrible, though, having 4,000-plus passing yards and 25 total scores. He was close. This season has a chance to be much better for him, having quarterback guru Adam Gase as his new head coach. Gase is capable of getting the most out of Tannehill. Plus, Tannehill will have DeVante Parker for a full season at receiver, a guy that can be an elite receiver in this league.