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Fri Jun 28 9:51am ET
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

RealTime Fantasy Sports is proud to present you the results of our "Champions Draft." The draft this season once again consists of the top rated fantasy players on our site. We invited players rated near the top of our Top Fantasy Players report. So this is the best of the best on our site.

In this column, we'll give you a round-by-round look at the draft. Each round includes some notes on that round, talking about what just went down. Hopefully, this gives you some insight into the draft and helps prepare you for all your drafts this coming year. 

Before we get to that, here is a quick overview of the league format. We used the same rules as we do for the "All-Pro" fantasy leagues on our site. So you can view the entire set of rules on our main page for that game. But here is a brief look. Each team starts a quarterback, two running backs, two receivers, a tight end, a defensive/special teams, a kicker and a flex player (RB, WR or TE). Scoring is pretty standard. Touchdowns are worth six except for passing touchdowns, which are worth four. And it is a points per reception league, giving every player a point per reception. Defenses get points for sacks, interceptions and fumble recoveries. The rules are pretty standard with how many leagues operate these days.

Round 1
1. Vikes 333 - Christian McCaffrey RB, CAR
2. CrakRok - Saquon Barkley RB, NYG
3. LoadedFlexOptions - Alvin Kamara RB, NOR 
4. Super Paurs - Ezekiel Elliott RB, DAL
5. Bubbles Army - DeAndre Hopkins WR, HOU 
6. Knockerdog - David Johnson RB, ARI
7. Suncoast - Melvin Gordon RB, LAC
8. Gregory's Team - Davante Adams WR, GNB 
9. Supernatural - JuJu Smith-Schuster WR, PIT 
10. Rocco's Team - Le'Veon Bell RB, NYJ
11. Dream Chaser - Julio Jones WR, ATL
12. BLOOD WOLF - Joe Mixon RB, CIN 

NOTES: This round went pretty much as expected. Eight running backs were picked and four receivers. There were not really any unexpected picks. The top four running backs were the first four off the board as expected. Christian McCaffrey was the first overall pick, which might be a little bit of a surprise, but you can certainly make a strong case for him as the top pick because of his monster reception totals. So this round played out with little suspense and few surprises. 

Round 2
1. BLOOD WOLF - Odell Beckham Jr. WR, CLE
2. Dream Chaser - James Conner RB, PIT
3. Rocco's Team - Michael Thomas WR, NOR
4. Supernatural - Mike Evans WR, TAM
5. Gregory's Team - Dalvin Cook RB, MIN
6. Suncoast - Travis Kelce TE, KAN
7. Knockerdog - Todd Gurley RB, LAR
8. Bubbles Army - Nick Chubb RB, CLE
9. Super Paurs - Antonio Brown WR, OAK
10. LoadedFlexOptions - Damien Williams RB, KAN 
11. CrakRok - Keenan Allen WR, LAC
12. Vikes 333 - Marlon Mack RB, IND 

NOTES: Round 2 was similar to the first round with few curveballs. It was another running back heavy round with six more taken. There were five receivers picked this round and our first tight end is off the board, Travis Kelce. This is the round Kelce is going, though, so it was not a stretch by any means for Suncoast to grab the top rated player at the position in Round 2. Rocco’s Team was able to get Michael Thomas with his second pick, taking him 15th overall. This was a mild surprise, seeing Thomas as the sixth receiver off the board. This is a little later for Thomas, which likely made Rocco very happy. The Todd Gurley suspense didn’t last too long. Knockerdog took Gurley in the middle of the second round, pairing him with Melvin Gordon

Round 3
1. Vikes 333 - Leonard Fournette RB, JAC 
2. CrakRok - Adam Thielen WR, MIN
3. LoadedFlexOptions - T Y Hilton WR, IND 
4. Super Paurs - Derrick Henry RB, TEN
5. Bubbles Army - Zach Ertz TE, PHI
6. Knockerdog - George Kittle TE, SFO
7. Suncoast - Devonta Freeman RB, ATL 
8. Gregory's Team - A.J. Green WR, CIN
9. Supernatural - Amari Cooper WR, DAL 
10. Rocco's Team - Stefon Diggs WR, MIN 
11. Dream Chaser - Josh Jacobs RB, OAK 
12. BLOOD WOLF - Aaron Jones RB, GNB 

NOTES: Another round that goes pretty much as expected. The other two tight ends are taken, which is where they have been going in early drafts. So the big three tight ends are officially off the board. Five more running backs were picked. And five receivers were taken. Leonard Fournette was one of the few surprises, lasting until the last pick of the third round. He had an ADP of 28 heading into this draft.  Fournette is the 19th running back off the board after three rounds. 

Round 4
1. BLOOD WOLF - Phillip Lindsay RB, DEN
2. Dream Chaser - Kerryon Johnson RB, DET
3. Rocco's Team - Julian Edelman WR, NWE
4. Supernatural - Chris Carson RB, SEA
5. Gregory's Team - Sony Michel RB, NWE
6. Suncoast - Kenny Golladay WR, DET
7. Knockerdog - Tyler Lockett WR, SEA
8. Bubbles Army - Chris Godwin WR, TAM
9. Super Paurs - Brandin Cooks WR, LAR
10. LoadedFlexOptions - Robert Woods WR, LAR 
11. CrakRok - Kenyan Drake RB, MIA
12. Vikes 333 - D.J. Moore WR, CAR 

NOTES: Round 4 is a receiver heavy round. There are seven receivers picked as many teams try to find their second option at the position. The other five picks were all running backs, making the position a little more thin after four rounds (24 running backs off the board). No other positions are picked in the round. There still hasn’t been a quarterback picked and all tight ends remain available after the big three.  

Round 5
1. Vikes 333 - Cooper Kupp WR, LAR
2. CrakRok - Tarik Cohen RB, CHI
3. LoadedFlexOptions - David Montgomery RB, CHI 
4. Super Paurs - Mark Ingram RB, BAL
5. Bubbles Army - Jarvis Landry WR, CLE
6. Knockerdog - Calvin Ridley WR, ATL
7. Suncoast - Tyler Boyd WR, CIN
8. Gregory's Team - James White RB, NWE
9. Supernatural - Rashaad Penny RB, SEA
10. Rocco's Team - Patrick Mahomes QB, KAN
11. Dream Chaser - Sammy Watkins WR, KAN
12. BLOOD WOLF - Allen Robinson WR, CHI 

NOTES: Last year’s top point scorer, Patrick Mahomes, is picked. Rocco’s Team gets him with the 10th pick in the fifth round. Mahomes had an ADP of 34 at the time of this draft, showing that many of these owners are comfortable waiting a little longer on a quarterback. The rest of the round was dominated by receivers and running backs once again. Five running backs are picked and six receivers are selected. We actually had back-to-back Bears running backs taken. Tarik Cohen goes with the second pick and David Montgomery with the third in this round. You don’t see that every day of the week.  

Round 6
1. BLOOD WOLF - Tyreek Hill WR, KAN
2. Dream Chaser - Alshon Jeffery WR, PHI
3. Rocco's Team - O.J. Howard TE, TAM
4. Supernatural - Derrius Guice RB, WAS
5. Gregory's Team - Evan Engram TE, NYG
6. Suncoast - Mike Williams WR, LAC
7. Knockerdog - Jordan Howard RB, PHI
8. Bubbles Army - Tevin Coleman RB, SFO
9. Super Paurs - Robby Anderson WR, NYJ
10. LoadedFlexOptions - Dante Pettis WR, SFO 
11. CrakRok - Hunter Henry TE, LAC
12. Vikes 333 - Eric Ebron TE, IND 

NOTE: The tight end position makes a big showing in Round 6, causing many owners to maybe act a little earlier than expected. There are four tight ends taken, including O.J. Howard, Evan Engram, Hunter Henry and Eric Ebron. There still hasn’t been another quarterback picked. The running back position slowed down a little with three getting picked, the lowest total in a round yet. And we have a Tyreek Hill sighting. Hill has all sorts of question marks because of a possible lengthy suspension, but Blood Wolf rolls the dice on Hill in Round 6.  

Round 7
1. Vikes 333 - Miles Sanders RB, PHI
2. CrakRok - Corey Davis WR, TEN
3. LoadedFlexOptions - Lamar Miller RB, HOU 
4. Super Paurs - Jared Cook TE, NOR
5. Bubbles Army - Darrell Henderson RB, LAR 
6. Knockerdog - Andrew Luck QB, IND
7. Suncoast - Latavius Murray RB, NOR
8. Gregory's Team - Sterling Shepard WR, NYG 
9. Supernatural - Ronald Jones II RB, TAM
10. Rocco's Team - LeSean McCoy RB, BUF 
11. Dream Chaser - David Njoku TE, CLE
12. BLOOD WOLF - Deshaun Watson QB, HOU 

NOTES: A couple more quarterbacks come off the board in Round 7. Andrew Luck is the second quarterback picked with Deshaun Watson the third, getting picked with the last pick in the round. A couple more tight ends are selected, making seven tight ends picked in the first seven rounds. Ronald Jones is the first Tampa running back picked, getting selected ahead of Peyton Barber. And Rams backup Darrell Henderson is selected with the fifth pick in the round, getting picked before Knockerdog could get his handcuff for Todd Gurley. It was a good mix of players getting selected this round. The receiver spot had it’s fewest picks this round with just two.   

Round 8
1. BLOOD WOLF - Marquez Valdes-Scantling WR, GNB 
2. Dream Chaser - Aaron Rodgers QB, GNB
3. Rocco's Team - Christian Kirk WR, ARI
4. Supernatural - Matt Ryan QB, ATL
5. Gregory's Team - Larry Fitzgerald WR, ARI
6. Suncoast - Royce Freeman RB, DEN
7. Knockerdog - Will Fuller WR, HOU
8. Bubbles Army - Kareem Hunt RB, CLE
9. Super Paurs - Jerick McKinnon RB, SFO
10. LoadedFlexOptions - Courtland Sutton WR, DEN 
11. CrakRok - Dede Westbrook WR, JAC
12. Vikes 333 - Marvin Jones WR, DET 

NOTES: Another two quarterbacks come off the board in Round 8, making five quarterbacks picked the first eight rounds. The rest of the picks are all running backs and receivers. Suspended running back Kareem Hunt is picked, giving Bubbles Army both of the Browns top running backs on his roster. Three second-year receivers also are selected with Courtland Sutton, Christian Kirk and Marquez Valdes-Scantling going. Owners are looking for those breakout players at this point of the draft. 

Round 9
1. Vikes 333 - James Washington WR, PIT
2. CrakRok - Peyton Barber RB, TAM
3. LoadedFlexOptions - Keke Coutee WR, HOU 
4. Super Paurs - Golden Tate WR, NYG
5. Bubbles Army - Baker Mayfield QB, CLE
6. Knockerdog - Anthony Miller WR, CHI
7. Suncoast - Emmanuel Sanders WR, DEN
8. Gregory's Team - Dion Lewis RB, TEN
9. Supernatural - Vance McDonald TE, PIT
10. Rocco's Team - D'Onta Foreman RB, HOU 
11. Dream Chaser - Nyheim Hines RB, IND
12. BLOOD WOLF - D.K. Metcalf WR, SEA 

NOTES: Baker Mayfield is the only quarterback picked this round, going with the fifth pick to Bubbles Army. This gives Bubbles four Browns players on his roster after nine picks. Running backs continue to be hot items with four more taken. That makes 44 running backs picked in the first nine rounds. Another tight end comes off the board with Vance McDonald taken, making 10 tight ends picked in nine rounds. So there are two teams without a tight end yet at this point of the draft, using the strategy of waiting on a tight end. 

Round 10
1. BLOOD WOLF - Kyle Rudolph TE, MIN
2. Dream Chaser - Tyrell Williams WR, OAK
3. Rocco's Team - Austin Ekeler RB, LAC
4. Supernatural - Carlos Hyde RB, KAN
5. Gregory's Team - Duke Johnson RB, CLE
6. Suncoast - Ito Smith RB, ATL
7. Knockerdog - Damien Harris RB, NWE
8. Bubbles Army - N'Keal Harry WR, NWE
9. Super Paurs - Russell Wilson QB, SEA
10. LoadedFlexOptions - Jaylen Samuels RB, PIT 
11. CrakRok - Curtis Samuel WR, CAR
12. Vikes 333 - Christopher Herndon IV TE, NYJ 

NOTES: Two more tight ends are picked in Round 10 but one was a backup tight end. This means one team still has a starting tight end to nab. Quarterbacks continue to slowly go off the board. We had just one picked this round, Russell Wilson. He is the seventh quarterback selected in 10 rounds. It is clear that many owners are using the wait on a quarterback strategy in this one. Quarterbacks continue to go slow but running backs are still flying off the board. There were six running backs picked in Round 10.

Round 11
1. Vikes 333 - Mecole Hardman WR, KAN
2. CrakRok - Austin Hooper TE, ATL
3. LoadedFlexOptions - Trey Burton TE, CHI 
4. Super Paurs - Delanie Walker TE, TEN
5. Bubbles Army - Chicago Bears Def/ST, CHI 
6. Knockerdog - Cam Newton QB, CAR
7. Suncoast - Geronimo Allison WR, GNB
8. Gregory's Team - Drew Brees QB, NOR
9. Supernatural - Jack Doyle TE, IND
10. Rocco's Team - Kalen Ballage RB, MIA 
11. Dream Chaser - Dallas Goedert TE, PHI 
12. BLOOD WOLF - Jameis Winston QB, TAM 

NOTES: Round 11 is the round of the tight end. Five tight ends were picked this round, the most in any round. One team still needed a starting tight end and got one. LoadedFlexOptions grabbed Trey Burton with his third pick, being the last team to fill out his tight end spot. The first defense/special teams was drafted in Round 11. Bubbles Army was the first to pull the trigger, grabbing the Bears with the fifth pick in the round. Three quarterbacks also were selected, including Drew Brees. Who would have thought Brees would be a 11th-round pick these days? 

Round 12
1. BLOOD WOLF - Jamaal Williams RB, GNB 
2. Dream Chaser - Ben Roethlisberger QB, PIT 
3. Rocco's Team - Adrian Peterson RB, WAS 
4. Supernatural - Donte Moncrief WR, PIT
5. Gregory's Team - Greg Olsen TE, CAR
6. Suncoast - Jared Goff QB, LAR
7. Knockerdog - Zay Jones WR, BUF
8. Bubbles Army - Devin Funchess WR, IND
9. Super Paurs - Carson Wentz QB, PHI
10. LoadedFlexOptions - Kyler Murray QB, ARI 
11. CrakRok - Matt Breida RB, SFO
12. Vikes 333 - Devin Singletary RB, BUF 

NOTES: This round is a diverse one for picks. Many teams grabbed a starting or backup quarterback with four getting picked. There is one team, Vikes 333, that is yet to have a quarterback on their roster after 12 rounds. Four running backs and three receivers also are picked. Rookie Kyler Murray is off the board, going to LoadedFlexOptions with the 10th pick. This was his first quarterback picked, meaning he is confident in Murray being a legit No. 1 fantasy quarterback his rookie year.

Round 13
1. Vikes 333 - Dak Prescott QB, DAL
2. CrakRok - Philip Rivers QB, LAC
3. LoadedFlexOptions - Alexander Mattison RB, MIN 
4. Super Paurs - Parris Campbell WR, IND
5. Bubbles Army - Mike Davis RB, CHI
6. Knockerdog - Mark Andrews TE, BAL
7. Suncoast - Kirk Cousins QB, MIN
8. Gregory's Team - Tom Brady QB, NWE
9. Supernatural - Lamar Jackson QB, BAL
10. Rocco's Team - DeSean Jackson WR, PHI
11. Dream Chaser - Jalen Richard RB, OAK
12. BLOOD WOLF - Greg Zuerlein K, LAR 

NOTES: The last team without a quarterback finally gets one. Vikes 333 picks Dak Prescott with the first pick in Round 13. This is another quarterback heavy round. Five quarterbacks are picked, including Tom Brady. Again, who would have thought Brady would be a quarterback selected in Round 13 and as a backup fantasy quarterback? Times are changing. This also is the first round a kicker is picked. Greg Zuerlein was the last player selected in Round 13 and the first kicker off the board. 

Round 14
1. BLOOD WOLF - DeVante Parker WR, MIA
2. Dream Chaser - Baltimore Ravens Def/ST, BAL
3. Rocco's Team - Justin Tucker K, BAL
4. Supernatural - Giovani Bernard RB, CIN
5. Gregory's Team - Stephen Gostkowski K, NWE
6. Suncoast - Jordan Reed TE, WAS
7. Knockerdog - Jacksonville Jaguars Def/ST, JAC
8. Bubbles Army - Justice Hill RB, BAL
9. Super Paurs - T.J. Yeldon RB, BUF
10. LoadedFlexOptions - Los Angeles Rams Def/ST, LAR 
11. CrakRok - Chris Thompson RB, WAS
12. Vikes 333 - Dallas Cowboys Def/ST, DAL 

NOTES: Defense/special teams are going fast and furious this round. Four defense/special teams are selected. Two more kickers also are off the board. And once again, the running back spot is not forgotten. There are four more running backs picked this round, including rookie Justice Hill

Round 15
1. Vikes 333 - Wil Lutz K, NOR
2. CrakRok - Minnesota Vikings Def/ST, MIN
3. LoadedFlexOptions - Harrison Butker K, KAN
4. Super Paurs - Los Angeles Chargers Def/ST, LAC
5. Bubbles Army - Ka'imi Fairbairn K, HOU
6. Knockerdog - Giorgio Tavecchio K, ATL
7. Suncoast - Houston Texans Def/ST, HOU
8. Gregory's Team - New England Patriots Def/ST, NWE 
9. Supernatural - Kansas City Chiefs Def/ST, KAN
10. Rocco's Team - Josh Gordon WR, NWE
11. Dream Chaser - Michael Gallup WR, DAL
12. BLOOD WOLF - Tyler Eifert TE, CIN 

NOTES: All the picks in this round were either kicker or defense/special teams except for three. And of those three other picks one was Josh Gordon. His status is in limbo but if he returns at some point, this is a great pick for Rocco’s Team. 

Round 16
1. BLOOD WOLF - Cleveland Browns Def/ST, CLE 
2. Dream Chaser - Jason Myers K, SEA
3. Rocco's Team - Denver Broncos Def/ST, DEN 
4. Supernatural - Dan Bailey K, MIN
5. Gregory's Team - Jimmy Graham TE, GNB
6. Suncoast - Robbie Gould K, SFO
7. Knockerdog - Benny Snell Jr. RB, PIT
8. Bubbles Army - Mitch Trubisky QB, CHI
9. Super Paurs - Mason Crosby K, GNB
10. LoadedFlexOptions - T.J. Hockenson TE, DET 
11. CrakRok - Jake Elliott K, PHI
12. Vikes 333 - Jimmy Garoppolo QB, SFO 

NOTES: Most of the picks in this round were kickers or defense/special teams. There were a few other positions picked, though, including two quarterbacks. Jimmy Garoppolo was the last player picked in the draft.