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Thu Aug 18 1:54pm ET
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

We like to revisit the past to help us in the future, so here is a look at some interesting Best Ball Championship data from our site. This is our big best ball contest, that gives out a $25,000 grand prize. For this year, the contest is about sold out (90 percent), so if you still want to get in it, sign up now (click here). So use the data below to help you build that winning team come draft day. 

BBC 2021 Winners Draft Slot
Draft Position % Won
7 14.1%
6 12.4%
8 11.9%
9 11.8%
10 10.1%
4 9.5%
5 9.5%
3 8.2%
2 7.1%
1 5.2%

: Christian McCaffrey was the first overall pick in nearly all drafts last year, so his injury-plagued season was a disaster for many of those owners. And these numbers clearly show that with just 5.2 percent of owners that drafted first overall won their leagues. It was not a good season to be picking first overall. . . .Normally, drafting right in the middle is not an optimal spot for fantasy owners. It can be a tricky position to be picking come draft day. Well, the owners picking near the middle had a lot of success last year. The seventh spot saw 14.1 percent of owners win it all and the sixth position had 12.4 percent of the winners. If you look at the players that were drafted around that area last year, they were Aaron Jones, Davante Adams and Jonathan Taylor. . . . .The big takeaways from the draft slot data is you can win from anywhere. The first through third draft slots were not great last year, but still had plenty of winners. But after those three spots, the last seven saw at least 9.5 percent of the winners. It was pretty even after that. You can build a championship roster no matter where you pick. 

BBC 2021 Winners Roster Build
 Position  # Drafted
 QB 3.0
 RB 6.6
 WR 7.5
 TE 2.9
 K 2.0
DEF 2.0
BBC 2021 Non-Winners Roster Build
 Position # Drafted 
 QB 3.1
 RB 6.6 
 WR 7.6
 TE 2.9 
 K 1.9
 DEF 2.0 

: There is nothing earth shattering here with this data. The big thing is both winning and non-winning teams drafted nearly identical rosters. There was next to no difference between the two roster builds. The most interesting aspect was seeing how teams handled the kicker and defense positions. That is really the only big debate when it comes to roster build for best ball leagues. Should you take two kickers and defenses come draft? It seems most think this is the way to go, not missing out on points any given week. It seems pretty logical, making sure you don’t get a zero at any position any given week. 

BBC 2021 Players on Most Winning Rosters  % Owned
 1. Cooper Kupp  28.5%
 2. Jonathan Taylor   21.4%
 3. Deebo Samuel   18.6%
 4. Mark Andrews   18.2%
 5. JaMarr Chase   17.2%
 6. Austin Ekeler    17.1%
 7. Leonard Fournette   16.7%
 8. Mike Williams   15.2%
 9. Najee Harris   15.1%
 10. Joe Mixon    14.7%
 11. Justin Herbert   14.6%
James Connor 
 13. Tom Brady   14.4%
 14. Joe Burrow   14.2%
 15. Justin Jefferson   14.1%
 16. Keenan Allen   13.9%
 17. George Kittle   13.8%
 18. D’Andre Swift    13.6%
 19. Rob Gronkowski   13.5%
 20. Damien Harris    13.4%
Jaylen Waddle
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