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Wed Jun 7 1:52pm ET
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

There are players every year that end up being real difference makers for fantasy teams. I like to call them league winners. These are guys that can help you win your league and separate you from your league mates. There are never any guarantees, but I think the following five players can be real difference makers this year. I am targeting all of them come draft day.  

David Montgomery, RB, Lions. Montgomery was looking pretty good to fantasy teams before the draft. But the Lions used a first-round pick on Jahmyr Gibbs. After that pick, panic set in to fantasy owners when it comes to Montgomery. There is certainly reason to panic some if you are a Montgomery owner, but don’t jump off the bandwagon just yet. Gibbs might start but he has never been a three-down back that has gotten a huge workload. It would be a surprise if he gets 300-plus touches. The Lions are still going to use Montgomery and he could be the goal-line back. Remember, Jamaal Williams had 17-rushing touchdowns last season as the goal-line back for the Lions. 

Montgomery is going to get his work. He should get 200-plus touches. The Lions ran the ball 480 times last year, which was the 13th highest total in football. And the team ran the ball 427 times the previous year, giving two backs 150-plus carries each. It would not be a stretch to see both Montgomery and Gibbs get 200-plus touches in this offense. 

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