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Offseason Winners and Losers

Wed May 30 1:55pm ET
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

Once again it was a busy offseason in free agency and trades, leading to many top players switching teams or getting more help around them. We are here to fill you in on the fantasy winners and losers this offseason. These are guys that were either helped or hurt by the offseason. Keep this in mind when getting your rankings together for the coming season.


Mitchell Trubisky, QB, Bears. The Bears added several new weapons for the second-year quarterback, improving their receiving options a lot this offseason. The team got a possible No. 1 receiver in Allen Robinson. Chicago also added a top playmaker and slot receiver with the signing of Taylor Gabriel. And lastly, the Bears got a new starting tight end, signing Trey Burton to take over the tight end duties. These three players are big upgrades for the team and should help the development of Trubisky for the coming season. Things are looking up for the second-year signal caller.