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2017-05-26 02:40:20
By JEFF PAUR @jeffpaur
Sr Fantasy Writer

Once again, we had plenty of changes at head coach in the NFL this offseason. We have six new coaches in the league, making it four straight seasons with at least six new coaches in the NFL. This isn't a huge surprise, though, as teams are in a win-now mode more than ever. There is little margin for error these days, especially if you consider how quickly teams seem to be able to turn it around.

The big question is how do these coaching hires impact fantasy teams? Well, that is what we are here to tell you. We'll give you the lowdown on all the coaching moves and how they could impact fantasy players on those teams moving forward.

The Jaguars fired coach Gus Bradley during last season and named Doug Marrone the interim coach. Marrone made an impression on the Jaguars and was named the permanent coach after the season. This is good news for the Jaguars offense, which played it's best football of the season after Marrone took over as head coach. He did a great job of getting the most out of Blake Bortles, which is good news for him going forward. This is a good fantasy hire, getting an offensive-minded coach at the helm with a history of producing some very good offenses.